Glenelg Support

Supported Living & Domiciliary Care

The services can be delivered either :

  • In your own or your family's home (Outreach Service), or
  • In a supported living service (Supported Tenancy)

by a team of friendly and qualified staff who are trained to help and support you to make the best decisions about your lifestyle and to meet the requirements of your person centred service design.

We will develop, in partnership with yourself, your parents and family members, your carers, social services, health professionals and significant others, a person centred support programme that will ensure that you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Quality of life, exercising choice and control
  • Making a positive contribution
  • Personal dignity and respect
  • Freedom from discrimination and harassment
  • Improved health and emotional well being

The outcomes listed above are in line with the government White Paper’s ‘Valuing People’ and 'Valuing People Now'

We will use these outcomes as a guide to ensure we work in a person centred manner that will enable you to live the life you want in the way you want and which, reflect your rights, independence, choice and inclusion in your local community.