Glenelg Support


At Glenelg Support we do not own any housing. Instead, we have excellent links with local housing providers to ensure choice and suitability. By working this way we can support you in your choice of flat, house, apartment or shared accommodation. This means you can find the right home and our support can be shaped around your needs.

We support people with diverse needs to live independently. Everyone is a tenant in their own homes, with properties provided mainly by housing associations, so people we support are in control of their own lives.

We have found the key to developing affordable and high quality services is to work together with individuals, as well as their family, friends and advocates. This is essential when it comes to personalised budgets and direct payments.

Funding My Service

There are now several different ways services can be funded. Community care monies, independent living fund (ILF) or personalised funds such as direct payments or an individual budget.

The personalisation agenda and personalised budgets are being used particularly in learning disability services. This involves a unique partnership between families, individuals, service providers, local authorities, Government and many other organisations.

You can visit the In Control website at for more information about this type of funding.

If you are in receipt of your own individual budget, Glenelg Support can provide a service to enable you to choose organise and implement plans that will help you achieve the changes that you want in your life.

Glenelg Support can provide assistance on a contractual basis and we will be accountable to you and where appropriate with assistance from family and friends we can support you with the range of tasks that you require.

We will...

  • Help you decide what changes that you wish to make
  • Assemble, cost and write up a plan to achieve changes
  • Find and liaise with people and community resources to compliment your plan
  • Identify sources of funding
  • Help you implement your plan

When your plan is implemented we can....

  • Monitor the delivery of your support
  • Recruit, train and support your staff or personal assistants
  • Hold your personal budget and help you provide details of your expenditure to the Local Authority