Glenelg Support

Supported Living

A supported living service will be appropriate for individuals who wish to live more independently in their own home with their own tenancy agreement either alone or sharing with other compatible people. We will help you to choose your own staff team based on your preferences, needs and wishes. This could mean you interview staff yourself or you may ask a member of your family or somebody who is important to you and knows your needs.

Under your supported tenancy arrangement you will be given an assured tenancy agreement by the housing provider or landlord and receive care and support from Glenelg Support.

The type and nature of support will be dependent on several factors, e.g. level of support need, preferences, funding arrangements, etc. Your local authority’s social care team will carry out these assessments or you may complete a self assessment that will take into account your needs, circumstances, and the needs of your family carers should you still be living in the family home and you are looking to move into your own home.

A significant factor about supported living is that there is a separation between the agency providing the support, i.e. Glenelg Support, and the agency providing the housing which is usually a housing association or registered social landlord.

The housing association will source the house from ordinary housing stock in the area that you have identified where you would like to live in. You will have a secured tenancy with the housing association and rent will be paid, usually, by the local housing benefit office.

Also you are able to live with the people you choose and in the way you choose to be supported. These standards for supported living, and which we work towards are known as REACH (Paradigm, 2002).